bonian Project 90

The bonian 90 project is located in Al-Rahmaniya scheme overlooking Al-Haramain Road, east of King Abdulaziz Airport, behind Al-Farabi College, which is distinguished by its proximity From service facilities and commercial complexes

(4) Bedrooms

180 م

Maid's room

(4) toilets


driver room

  • Bunyan Project 90
    Apartment area: 180 square meters.
    Components of the apartment: (6) rooms + hall + (4) toilets + two entrances + kitchen + maid’s room + driver’s room + car parking + separate lower and upper tank.
    A structural guarantee on the buildings for a period of (25 years).
    A guarantee of the extension and establishment of plumbing works (5 years).
    Guarantee of extension and establishment of electrical works (5 years).

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