New Standards
For Luxury

إكتشف المزيد

Our projects

Our projects are distinguished by their diverse presence on a local and regional scale in the Saudi real estate market

Our services

We are distinguished by the speed of providing all sales services, real estate investment services, property management services, and consulting studies that achieve the aspirations of our partners and clients.


Housing units

Our residential and commercial projects are the first and best in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. See all our projects


Property management, operation of commercial centers and residential complexes, and management of offers and requests


Professional marketing services for all real estate projects


Development of real estate lands, rebuilding and modernizing an existing entity

geometric designs

Ideas for interior and exterior designs that help determine your request

Why bonian alfakhamah

Because it provides you with a high-quality, high-quality home at an affordable price

Our Mission - Our Vision

With the aim of creativity in the development of residential suburbs - the luxury architecture has set a distinctive vision and a consistent mission

our history

The luxury building was established in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia at the end of 2008

Our Core Values

Creativity in the development of residential suburbs is what motivates us to set work values ​​in the construction of luxury

New in bonian alfakhamah

Check out more of our latest news and events and the latest developments in the luxury architecture

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