Why Partnership

Bunyan Al-Fakhama aims to always invest in projects ranging from medium to large, for the purpose of selling to individuals and investors. Initially, Bunyan Al-Fakhama invested 100% in its first project, and from the second project onwards; Bunyan Al Fakhama has established strategic partnerships with its partners such as investment funds and land owners. Usually the strategy of Bunyan Al Fakhama is to establish a limited liability company with its partners with an agreed percentage of ownership rights in order to acquire, develop and sell the land

our history

The luxury building was established in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia at the end of 2008

Our Mission - Our Vision

With the aim of creativity in the development of residential suburbs - the luxury architecture has set a distinctive vision and a consistent mission

Our Core Values

Creativity in the development of residential suburbs is what motivates us to set work values ​​in the construction of luxury